Bacon Adult Costume Review

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4/5 on September 11, 2017

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Benefits of this costume is it looks like a real slice of bacon. It’s easy to take on and off, and it is flexible enough to fit a wide range of body types. It is also less than $25 so it’s not a costume that will break the bank. It’s super unique and you won’t find another person at your party dressed like this. The fabric is also stretchy so the costume stays in place and doesn’t move throughout the night.


The bacon design is only on the front of the costume. While you won’t see the back, others do, so this may be a con to some people. Also, when it comes folded up it can be hard to get the lines out of where it was folded up. You’ll need to iron or steam the costume the day before you wear it. Also, some of the corners have a hard time staying up so you may need to get some cardboard pieces or tissue paper and stick it up in the corner so that it stays upright.


I would totally buy this costume again. It’s absolutely hilarious and people loved that I came as a piece of bacon to the party. The costume is versatile and will fit a lot of different people. It’s comfy, covers a good chunk of skin, and is way more unique than the costumes others typically wear. For less than $25, this costume is a steal. I would definitely buy again.

What’s better than eating bacon? Becoming bacon. Everybody loves a good piece of bacon. Why not expand that belief and apply it to your Halloween costume? Honestly, this bacon costume is hilarious and the perfect accompaniment to your Halloween parties. Instead of being the same thing as everyone else, be unique! Don’t get a cop costume or prisoner costume, think outside the box and become bacon. This costume is less than $25 so you don’t have to spend a bunch of money on a costume you only wear once. But, because this costume is well made and heavy duty, you could totally wear it more than just one night. It’s made of spongy and thick fabric so it is heavy duty and really comfortable. Best Features The best part about this costume is it looks like bacon. But, there are some beneficial other features too. If you live in a hot area, it’s nice because it is not a big and bulky costume. However, if you live in a cold area, you can easily wear something warm underneath it and not freeze all night. It has everything a good slice of bacon should have, all down to the greasy sheen of fat. What’s Included When you purchase this costume, you’re just getting the slice of bacon part of the costume. You are not receiving anything to wear underneath it. Since it won’t cover all those important parts of your body, you definitely have to wear something underneath the bacon part.

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